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About Me and other Things

I’m a procrastinator finding ways to avoid writing. I’m getting pretty good at it, too. My writing is in the form of articles and reading/reviewing the work of new writers. I found myself burnt down to an ember a few months ago due to the extensive amount of reading/editing I was doing,  (8000 plus) and I began playing with Blogs. I hope the time off will renew my passion for reviewing. In the mean-time, I will ramble and opinionize. (Did I just make-up a new word here?)

If I were smarter, I’d already be ten posts along, instead of having an edit go completely wrong. It gave me two of the original post, so I simply deleted the extra, now I have none.
It was a great post; undoubtedly the finest writing I’d ever done. A masterpiece! I may never be able to do it again, but an obsessive compulsive never gives in or quits trying. It says so in the books.


Comments on: "About Me and other Things" (4)

  1. Hmmm…a side of you I never knew.

    Oh, geez, I know the third and fourth verses of this song, bits. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve composed online, or posted something, only to have it vanish on a refresh as if it never existed at all. (And why is it always the LONG ones?) Did that the other day on that other site, and…well, it was probably for the best, but I was on a roll. Which is probably why it was for the best, but still…

  2. If you were on the same roll as I get on sometime, it most likely was for the best. lol

    I’m glad you found this place, I’ve more scattered around the world and I’m searching for them. I need to keep one strictly for rants; that’s what I can do; make Emotion Blogs. Or Mood Blogs. Sometimes I ‘am’ in a good mood, believe it or not. Usually the family are the only ones I let see me that way. (._.)

  3. Stumbled upon your site via bing the other day and absolutely liked it so much. Carry on the good work.

  4. As you dip your toes in all that is digital, never forget the blessings of ink and paper. And, always have a backup copy before you click SUBMIT.

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