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Politically Correct Reviews – Are They Realistic?

This Politically Correct stuff is going too far. I never did like the concept of anyone being treated with kid gloves just because they were…whatever. That seems to me to only accentuate the differences that are trying to be eliminated, and awfully condescending. Most people don’t need laws or rules or oaths to be decent human beings. I am going to narrow this whole PC fiasco down to the subject of critiquing.In the olden days before Politically Correct was born, writers understood the difference between constructive criticism and a negative, personal flame. (more…)

Diss’ing Reviewers is a Favorite Pastime

And they say critics are arrogant! Sheesh. Do we need to wonder why it’s such an uphill battle to find constructive criticism? I have to assume he thinks correcting spelling is ‘stepping’ on the writers words. Poppycock!A note of encouragement to those who would be in-depth critiquers on a favorite writing site, but are disheartened by all the comments against the practice. Choose your items carefully. Choose only those items that specifically ask for honesty and just do it. You will find that 99% didn’t know what they were asking for, but if you gave them an honest critique, with an honest rate – good for you! (more…)

Non-Quality Critiques

This post concerns a particular writing site I belong to, so it may not make much sense to the casual reader. The term, ‘reviewers’ are those who read another’s writing and make comments and suggestions. Reviews include rates of stars. It can apply to all writers who want their work read, no matter what the site is called.

Today, I took a break after turning in my newsletter edition and browsed the blog page to find something to read. I found complaining about non-quality critiques again. It stumped me, it really did. What is the problem with reviews this time? I browse the public pages often and most are pretty good reviews. Are these non-qualities only sent privately? What is a non-quality review anyway? (more…)