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Hand Jive

While surfing the pages where others have been before me, I read and am amazed at the smoothness of their words. The blogs, the MySpaces, the many other communities where friends meet friends. They express their love for each other in so many ways; with hugs and kisses, emoticons of praise. Thumbs up, flowers and ‘way to go’. It lifts the spirits of any that happen upon the scene. I feel a bit weird as I peep into the lives of these on-line lovers who are not ashamed to proclaim love for someone they have not met. It’s a new dimension for me and I don’t feel comfortable with it. Isn’t it possible to be respectfully friendly without having to declare your heart?

Just as I don’t believe a gossip, I don’t trust someone who claims to love so easily. It’s in the same category as a bought and paid for one night stand. It cheapens the word and the speaker, in my eyes, and it’s too juvenile for me. Declaring love online probably has to do with the difficulty of having a normal conversation online. Nothing sounds the same when it’s read as it does when it’s heard with the ears. Misunderstandings run rampant and no one is safe without emoticons of smiles and huge red lips that remind me of someone’s crazy aunt that we hid from as children. These are slipped in periodically to assure the reader we really are friendly. Hand jive.

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Do You Know Yourself?

Are you a front door or back door person?
I am personally a back door person.

If you don’t know what I mean, you are a front door person.

Are you the living room sofa type, or would you rather sit at the kitchen table?
I am the kitchen table type.

Again, if you don’t understand what I am talking about, you are the sofa type.

Do you choose a bottle of beer over champagne?
I am a coffee drinker. If I drank stronger drink, it would be beer, but I don’t dare, ’cause then I would think I could sing like Patty Page.                                        

I am Blue Collar – all the way thorough.

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