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xubuntu’s Fogger

I was wishing I could get to my favorite sites from my desktop when I found Fogger.  I think it’s the answer to my wish.  Thank you, devs!!

Now, I can give my opinions as quick as I get them without having to open firefox, type an url, open the blog and post new post–which by then my opinion has cooled down.  Wow!

Read the post and think about it–makes sense to me.

Larry the Free Software Guy

Windows 8 will be unleashed, Kraken-like, on an awaiting public on Oct. 26, which is this Friday. For US$79.99 — let’s just round that up to US$80 — one can get the latest version of the Windows operating system which, by many reports, is not ideal yet not as bad a some of the other products Redmond has forced upon the public in the past.

A CrunchBang user with the handle merelyjim posted this thread on the CrunchBang forum under the title, “No thanks. I got Linux” where he thinks that this $80 can be better spent elsewhere — like on your current distro or your favorite FOSS program.

I urge you to read the full text on the link or read merelyjim’s original blog item, but I’ll let merelyjim drive here:

“It’s hard to express what Linux has done for me. I’ve learned more with Linux than I…

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