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A B C’s Are Fun!

Aa – First letter of the alphabet.

A is for Apple, Annie, An, And A.  Amanda, Allen, Allan, Alan.  Angry Anthony, An Acre of Artful Ants,  Angels Also Abide. Are Any About Alone?

Auntie Actually Asked All Again.  Amanda’s Address is Arkansas, America. Add  April Alphabet.

Bb – Second letter.

B is for Ball, Bill & Bob.  Baskets, Birds, Bees.  Babies, Boys, Bottles and Batman. Bulls and Bullies Belong Behind Bars, But Belts Better Be in Britches. Brandon’s Bat, Bike, and Books are Blue. Beautiful Babies, Baseball, and Burgers.

Cc – 3rd letter

C is for Casey Collects Cats. Children Can Choose Cake or Cookies.  Cook Candy or Catch Christmas in a Cup?  Chrissy Can.  Chocolate Cafes Can’t Count Calories. Caterpillars Certainly Crawl in California, but Could Call Cody’s Cab Company.  Count Cash Carefully.  Change Channel and Clothes.

Dd -4th letter

D is for Dogs Dig Ditches. Don’t Dare Drive Dad’s Dynamic Directly Down Driveway, Dummy! David Doesn’t.  Do Decide Dear, Doctor Done?

Ee- 5th letter

E is for Everything Ebony Enjoys. Everyone’s Endless Energy.  Eric?  Easter, Eating, Eggs.  Even Empty Envelopes!  Elizabeth’s Eyes.  Evenings End.  Eggos.

Ff- 6th letter

F is For Funny Films, Figures, Football Fanatics.  First-graders. Fourth, Fifth-grades are Fabulous!  Families Figure Fathers, Fridays, February and Friends Fantastic.  Find Fido Fast – Fix Fence!

Gg – 7th letter

G is for Good Grandmas Give Great, Gooey Cookies. Grandpas Guess Grandkids Grow. God. Gopher snakes.  Girls!  Golly! Going Great G-man!

Hh – 8th letter

H is for Home, Health and Happy Hearts.  How Has He Hunted?  Here’s Her House.  Hello.  Hi.  He Had His Horrible Heavy Hat Hiding His Heavenly Hair and Hid His Head.  Hurt Hands.  Her Heart did Handstands. Happily Humanlike Haunted Houses!  Hello Hamster, Hurry!

I -i 9th letter

I Is for I’ve Inside Information; Isn’t It Interesting! Ivory Includes Ivy.

J-j 10th letter

J is for Juice and Jellied Jell-O.  Jessica, Jennifer, Joey, Jasmine & Journey!  January, June & July. Jugs and Jugglers.  Justice. Just Jogging and Jumping Joyfully.

Kk – 11th letter

K is for Kathryn, Kathrine, & Kathy. Kids, Kindergarten Kings, & Kitten Keepers.  King Kong’s Knickerbockers Kick!

Ll- 12th letter

L is for Lovely Little Ladies Look, Listen & Learn.  Lucky Luke.  Line Land Lubbers Lag Lazy. Little Leaguers Love Liquid Lemonade.  Little Leapers Like Long Legs & Little Lakes.

Mm- 13th letter

M is for Morning Music Means Much Magic!  My Merry Mathematics, Mama. More Mince Meat, Mommy. March Mister!  Marvelous Month of May.  M&M’s, Mm mm &  Melted Marshmallows

Nn- 14th letter.

N is for Nichole, New Next-door Neighbor Needs Nine Nice Neckties. November. Noel.  Nuts?  No, Not Now. Never!

Oo- 15th letter

O is for Oh! Ow!  Owee.  Our own Owl Over Ocean Once. Out of One Old Oak came One Odd Orange Orangutan. Only Oodles Of Ooze Over Ohio & Oregon. Often Odorous.

Pp- 16th letter

P is for Patrick.  Poppy, Papa, Pop.  Popped-corn. Proper Pronouns Please. Pretty Penny Penelope.  Produce Proposal, Pony Per Person.  Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.  Prepare Paper. Pen, Pin.  Print Please.

Qq- 17th letter

Q is for Quiet! Quiz.  Quarantining Quaint, Quacky, Quail is a Quicksand, Quagmire Quandary.  Quit Questionable Quibbling! Quite Qualified Quack.

Rr-19th letter

R is for Randi,Rockets & Ready Rural Runs.  Rich Rewards.  Rock & Rollers Run Riot.  Rapid Rabbits Race Rain.  Remember,  Respect Roaring Rivers & Return Right & Ready. Really!

Ss-19 letter

S is for Sunshine!  Short, Silly Shows So Safe & Sound. Salty Sand Still Saps Scottie’s Sanity.  Set Sail & Swim or Sink. School Sounds, Smell Sour.  Sit!  Seek Shade, Snack Seven Sharp.Storm!  Sun Shines Sometimes. Superman? Star? Spaceship?  So Soar!

Tt- 20th letter

T is for Travis Tackling The Table.  Tim Too!  Take Time To Talk To Tell The Tale  Thankfully Together.  Twins-Two-Three Times.  Trains Toot.  Teachers Takes Tests Too. Tame Terrible Tempers, Toddlers Top Teeth.  Tit for Tat. This & That.  Thunder!

Tornado! Trouble!

Uu-21st letter

U is for United.  Use Until Utilization Useless.  Up Upon Unobstructed Umbrella Under Undivided Unity.

Vv-22nd letter

V is for Voice, Vocabulary & Vowels.  Vicious Verbally. Vital, Versatile, Volunteer Voyages.

Violets &Violins.

Ww -23rd letter

W is for Watermelon!  Whoo! Whales Whisper & Whistle While Walking With

Whirlwinds.  Wish Well. Watch When Water Waves.  What Wonderful Whopping Winds.

Wow! Will Whole Wide World Word With Wondrous Ways, Weegee?

Xx- 24th letter

X is for X-Ray man!  Xylem & Xylophone.  X marks the spot.

Yy- 25th letter

Y is for Yapping Yaks .  You, Yours & Yogurt.  Yodeling Young Yoga. Yellow Yucca trees in Yuletide.  Yes, Yesterdays Youth Yammer Yarns of Yore.

Zz- 26th letter

Z is for Zany Zebras & Zig Zagging Zinnias.  Zooming Zucchini. Zack Zipping

Zestfully & Zoos.