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Addicted to Internet? Webrings?

Are you obsessed with having more webrings than your neighbor?  Do you want them ALL to show on your page?  Do you worry that someone close to you is addicted to the Internet?

A day in the life of an Internet Addict.

When I rise in the morning, the first thing I do isI turn on my computer.  I get my cup of coffee, and connect to the internet.  I check my e-mail.  I see a box of newsletters and I peruse them, but I am looking for something from someone I know.  Hoping for some news from  family or friend.

I then check my web pages, make sure they made it through the night with no harm.  They seem fine.  Did I get any HITS since I last checked?  Maybe a few, from someone just passing through on a web-ring.  Did they stop and visit?  I will never know, I hope so.

I love my life on the web.  I have met some interesting and funny people.  I am forever updating at least one of my pages, I don’t know how many I have,  why count?  They’re right there in my browser, easy to get to.  I have found some very good sites from surfing my rings.  I congratulate them all.  I wish I could add a pretty background sometimes, but then I know I don’t, not really.  It is easier to manage and update my pages with less frills.  I would rather have new content, but the backgrounds are pretty to look at.

I’m not the frilly type.  Just country, jeans and barefoot.

I hope you enjoy visiting my place.  Let me know where you are, and I will visit you back.  I like to know who my neighbors are.

I have spent an hour or two this evening cleaning my computer. Deleting and cleaning out old stuff that sticks in the corners.  If you don’t clean those Dust Bunnies out once in while, they tend to build up.  I have to trust my programs, ’cause I don’t know much about computers.  That’s why I am very careful about downloading stuff.  If it crashes something, I uninstall it quickly.  It has always worked, knock on wood.

March 4, 2003      12:00 noon, Pacific time.

I like webrings. They are a way to get my work ‘out there’ to be seen and scrapped by someone. I have to admit I am addicted to the Internet. I also am suspicious of my reasons for searching for new webrings. Am I also becoming addicted to these?  I read somewhere that some people have an ‘addiction’ gene, and must be careful of it.

My latest new webring admits my addiction to the Internet. I will probably find a ring that admits my addiction to the rings, as well.  I need to surf these rings.

I am giving the sites on my rings plenty of hits! Trouble is, do they visit me? I try to leave a note when I visit, telling them I was there, etc. But, few leave me a reciprocal notice.

In other words, I don’t know if the rings really help. Oh, I may get a few visits, but do they like it? Do they return? I will never know.

I don’t believe my pages are boring. They won’t appeal to everyone, of course, we are all different. What can I do about it? Join more rings and beg people to visit mine.

I believe the reason some of us join so many rings, is the need to get their work out there, hoping to get their work seen. Some people actually have millions of rings. Pages and pages of those little boxes, trying to interest a visitor in some way, or in some genre, to PLEASE come and see what they are doing!

What do you search for on the Internet? Pages like yours, of course. Things that interest you. When you find the page, you check its webrings, hoping to find one that will suit your page, then you join.

Is that obsession? Friend, that IS obsession.


I never watch television any more. It seems so tame. I can’t sit through a whole program to save my life. I try sometime, but I just can’t do it. My mind is on the computer. I’m thinking about what I could be doing, where I could be going.

My hubby talks to the back of my head. Sometimes I hear him. I answer “uh huh”, but by the time I realize he has said something, I turn around and he is gone. Oh well,  he’ll be back.

Don’t feel sorry for him though. I spent the first forty years of our marriage, trying to get a conversation going. He is either watching TV, or out dusting his car. He is a man of expertise in the art of SHORT ANSWERS. and he never accepts a difference of opinion, from anyone. You are WRONG.

He becomes very upset if SPEED VISION changes its schedule and he wasn’t notified.

He loves his car. He considers himself an expert of classic cars. At the moment, he owns a 65 Olds. dynamo, hardtop. No one is allowed to touch it. Cats are spawns of the Devil. Birds swoop down to drop their bombs, then sit high in the branches, chittering at him.  I love it!

In parking lots, he is one of those that take two parking places. He even ordered one of those Disabled Person parking tags to hang on his mirror. Those parking spaces are extra wide and he loves them.   He hates dingys on the body of his beloved.  I’ve never seen anyone as obsessed about something as he is.  It’s just so silly.

I won’t use the parking placard.  I always park far away from the entrance of the store because I need the exercise. That walk is the only exercise I get.  Besides, my body already has many dingys.  I don’t like them, but I don’t stress on them either.

Then I hurry home to see what’s happening on the computer.   It’s okay–I’ve exercised.